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| New level natural online safety

The business model of «ExtremePremium» based on the financial filter of the registration, premium brand-selectivity and self-regulation based on the concept of conflict-free thinking provides a natural security of communication and additional services.

NOTE The financial filter of the registration in «ExtremePremium» (cost account) allows at an early stage to filter out anonymous users with bad intentions.

| Association of people with a common ideology sports

  • «ExtremePremium» consolidates and unites people with a common sports mentality & ideology.
  • «ExtremePremium» contribute to the development of competence conflict-free thinking, which will help to avoid domestic conflicts.
NOTE «ExtremePremium» contributes to minimizing the probability of building long-term relationships with adverse people. It may enable you to avoid biggest regrets in the future.

| No more insults

  • In «ExtremePremium» based on premium brand-selectivity we create the conditions that minimize conflicts of beliefs, which significantly reduces the possibility of mutual insults.
  • «ExtremePremium» contribute to the prevention of inter-ethnic conflicts among adolescents.
NOTE The value of the account (annual subscription!) - investment each of the users in a future conflict-free society.

| New level of online protection from:

  • recruitment into terrorist organizations, of totalitarian sects and destructive cults;
  • online fraud;
  • creating fake accounts;

| A new level of social relations

TASK The task of the «ExtremePremium» to improve the quality of communication between the lovers of extreme sports.

Skills conflict-free thinking
will insure you and your loved ones from mistakes in life!

«One Account Products» | The concept of conflict-free thinking

| The concept of conflict-free thinking

Technique of the concept of conflict-free thinking is included in «ExtremePremium» and each resource of the project «UnionGlobalCommunities», as well as
is included in all IT products «OneAccountProducts», including ethnic, sports premium, professional and entertaining social media (more than 300 products).

NOTE In the future, the methodology of the concept of conflict-free vision and the development of competencies conflict-free thinking will help to avoid domestic conflicts between strangers; will improve working environment between supervisors and subordinates; greatly will reduce conflicts in the family between family members, between husband and wife, between parents and children, which will greatly contribute to a long lasting relationship and strengthen the family; will help to save your health and possibly extend your life by 3 - 5 years. All of the above in the long term should allow to return trust of people to each other. In general, the skills conflict-free thinking will allow you to insure yourself from mistakes in life!

| Do you want to make friends for your entire life with the appropriate people?

? Do you want to chat, meet and make friends for your entire life with the appropriate people?
There is the brand-selectivity and financial filter registration (value of the account) in «ExtremePremium» which is the natural online protection that allows you to filter anonymous users with bad intentions at an early stage.

? Do you want to live without conflict situations?
There is the possibility of developing skills of conflict-free thinking in «ExtremePremium» which will allow you to insure you and your loved ones against mistakes in life!

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